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Redditch STARS Parkrun Challenge

Congratulations to Zoe Neale the winner of the Redditch Stars Parkrun challenge 2018

Zoe Neale beat Zoe Newman by 2 seconds with both ladies getting P.B’s, fantastic running both.
The 3rd place run off was won by Stuart Beasley who beat Anthony White by 84 seconds.
Congratulations to everyone who took part in last year’s challenge, you have all been a credit to the club. The achievements of runners round after round was truly amazing and the support for one another was what makes this club so special.
Finally congratulations once again to our finalists you truly are super stars 
Take a look at our latest Parkrun report and see how our members got on last week.
For 2018 Redditch STARS will be holding a knockout competition for it's members at Arrow Valley Parkrun, 

The event will take the form of a handicap knockout, based on your best time at Arrow Valley Parkrun in 2017, so if runner A has a best time of 30 minutes and runner B has a best time of 22 minutes and they are drawn together then runner B will need to record a time of 8 minuets or more quicker than runner A to progress to the next round.
We will be using the official Parkrun times unless we are made aware of a serious problem with the times.

Competitors should inform Ian Widdows, via  facebook private message, the date they wish to set their time in advance and can change this date up to 08:45 on the date they have selected.

Finally this is a little bit of fun so don’t treat it like the Olympic Games, it’s the first time we have tried it so I’m sure something will come up that I haven’t thought of, also if we are made aware of any unsportsmanlike behaviour involving anyone taking part by the Arrow Valley Parkrun core team or another runner you will be disqualified.
Entry List
The rounds will take place as follows :-

 Round 1: 3rd Feb to 3rd March
Re runs 17th March or before 

Round 2: 24th March to 14th April
Re runs 21st April or before and next round draw

Last sixteen: 28th April to 26th May
Re runs 2nd June or before and next round draw

Quarter finals: 9th to 30th June
Re runs 7th July or before and next round draw 

Semi finals: 8th to 29th September
Re runs 6th October

Final 10tth November