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Redditch STARS​​​

Redditch STARS was established in March 2015 and has quickly become known as one of the friendliest and most recognisable running clubs in Redditch. We've come a long way since originally starting with our Sunday morning group and we now have 7 regular groups, as well as running the popular C25K courses.
Runners with a range of abilities attend our sessions, from sub 17 5k athletes to social runners who really don't care about time but enjoy the social side of club running. 
We are an athlete centred club whose aim is for all athletes to get the maximum benefit out of the sessions  based on what their requirements are and what they are capable of.
Please speak to one of our coaches or leaders if you wish to discuss your individual needs with them.

Redditch STARS are a Clubmark accredited club and are affiliated to England Athletics which brings its own unique benefits. We are proud of our ever growing club and the coaches and leaders are determined that we do not lose our personal and friendly touch. We believe that every member matters irrespective of their ability.

Colette Churchill is our guide runner and is able to lead runners with a visual impairment. Colette can be contacted via our Facebook page or via our email address. 

To become a member of the club costs £54 per year, £2 of which goes into our charity pot for our charity of the year. For this you will have access to 7 sessions a week including a track session. Affiliation is normally £15 a year but the club will discount this price to £10, so £64 for the year. We have actually reduced the price of membership this year so it works out that you’ll pay only £1 a week to run with our club 7 days week. The price of membership reduces every 3 months. By affiliating you gain many benefits through England Athletics and will also be eligible to enter the draw for the London marathon place that the club is awarded each year. If you affiliate you will also need a club top to wear at races when you are representing the club. The club hold stock of black Tshirts and vests and one can be obtained by speaking to the person responsible for kit.

An application form to join Redditch STARS can be downloaded direct from the files page. You will need to fill one of these out whether you wish to affiliate or not. Existing members will also need to complete a form on a yearly basis so we are up to date with everyone's current details. The easiest way to complete this form is online and email to [email protected]

We have an active social calender and details of our next night out or weekend away can be found on our Facebook page.
As well as a Facebook page we also have a twitter account, Strava group and parkrun group.
Links to these groups are at the bottom of the page.
All these groups are there for you to enjoy. Admin reserve the right to remove any person that breaches our code of conduct.

Please go into the files section to read our constitution, byelaws and code of conduct.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us for any reason the details for the appropriate person are as follows and can be contacted at : [email protected]

President: Mark Churchill
Chairman : Ian Widdows
Vice Chair: Louise Carrol

Membership Secretary: Paula Widdows 

Secretary: Hannah Baker

Treasurer : Chris Bird

Junior/Astros coordinator: 

Safeguarding and Welfare: Colette Churchill & Mark Churchill

Social Secretary: Hannah Baker 

Mental Health Ambassador: Sharon Fox
C25k coordinator: Nick Haynes

Fundraising Officer: Leanne Wallis​